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The Horse Sanctuary

Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary Ltd supported by Tough Guy® Events & 

About Us - The Horse Sanctuary (Tettenhall)


"To give a home and retirement to Horses, Donkeys and Ponies "

The Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary originated in 1976, established as a charity in 1978 with a dozen horses saved from slaughter, a dozen wayward youths take off the streets to help field management and a dozen honorable people pledged to raise the necessary has been the leading light for most of the other emerging sanctuaries. In 35 years we are still the only reliable 24 hour service to stray and abandoned horses in the Black Country. In the year 2012 ten of those original horses are still alive and enjoying pasture pleasure, two original waywards kids have matured and stayed and two of the original fundraisers are pledged here for life.

Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary 

Along the way thousands of horses have benefited together with thousands of youths, disabled people, people with slow ability and no hope of a job have found employment. Sadly the fundraising skills have always been neglected in huge demand for hands on help that has been called on by the demands of this now internationally known charity.

The dedication, knowledge and skill to care for elderly discarded horses and vulnerable adult/homeless kids are unsurpassed. We hope this Internet site will find willing fundraisers to ease the modern day bills. Have a browse through the site and send a small donation if you can.

Mr. Mouse

Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary
Jenny Walkers valley of Beautiful Dreams
South Staffs
Tel : 01902 764980


Please leave your name and objective for donation.

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All the absolute best with all the amazing work you guys do! Much love, The Cubbin’s

Donation by Adrian Cubbin
Date: 18-02-2019


Donation by Carl Billett
Date: 11-02-2019


Donation by Per Mikkelsen
Date: 06-02-2019


Payment towards winter TG hat

Donation by Chris Strickley
Date: 01-02-2019


New large t shirt. Thanks john

Donation by John Mcnellis
Date: 31-01-2019


2 shirts 1 hat

Donation by Jamie Ebert
Date: 31-01-2019


Charity wave TG 2020, more then happy to support this charity

Donation by Joseph Cartwright
Date: 30-01-2019


Donation by Nicola Blair-Park
Date: 28-01-2019


Amateur photographer for pass to the Tough Guy event

Donation by Vijay Patel
Date: 24-01-2019


Donation by Gary Lowe
Date: 24-01-2019


Amateur photographer for pass to the Tough Guy event

Donation by Neil Carter
Date: 19-01-2019


Donation by William A Wilson
Date: 17-01-2019


Donation by Gareth Edwards
Date: 16-01-2019


Donation by Mike Sharples
Date: 14-01-2019


£10 donation as part of the Tough Guy media pass, but I'm very pleased this is going to a Horse Sanctuary as they are the most beautiful creatures and beloved friends too!

Donation by Jay Mason-Burns
Date: 11-01-2019


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Total raised online: £73256.79
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