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The Horse Sanctuary


I am raising money for the charity Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary. This charity began 40 years ago, where they have been rescuing horses from being slaughtered. Currently they are a small charity where they are only able to take in so many horses. Despite this, this year they helped some desperate dog walkers (me being one of them), to help save Geoff, a horse who had been left, tethered and abandoned. Geoff is a strong willed horse where all he wanted was to be free and join a heard, he had managed to break his chain and escape a number of times from his field. Due to him walking down main roads, and eating people’s front gardens, the council had become involved.

As no one had claimed Geoff in time frame that had been given by the council, his future began to look bleak, as the council had stated that if he was not moved then this was to be his last week as he would be shot.


Thankfully, Billy Wilson was able to take the time to talk to me, and kindly opened his home and heart to taking Geoff in. Geoff was a stallion meaning that his manhood had not been removed, so I am raising money not only for Geoff’s vet bills but also for all the other horse like Geoff, who Billy and his family have taken in, fed, roofed and care for.


I hope that you will help me in raising money for this wonderful charity, as for them to continue their work they need donations so that their ambitions of expanding, and working with other charities can become a reality, and so that more horses can be saved just like Geoff.  


All money donated on this sight will go straight to the charity.


Donation by Kirsten Vale
Date: 27-11-2018


Donation by Natalie Pooler
Date: 27-11-2018

Total raised online: £55
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