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The Horse Sanctuary

I am taking New Year New Me to a whole new level and doing something completely out of my comfort zone! Along with my close friend Emma I will be attempting to do this notoriously treacherous obstacle run. It is nothing like I have ever done before and it is for a really good cause. 

The charity is run by the Tough Guy organisation to help provide training in many jobs which are suitable for soldiers who have returned from war with lost limbs or other injuries.

Any donation little or big is greatly appreciated and will make it a bit more bareable for me knowing im doing it for a good cause!!!

Much Love xoxox

Good Luck you crazy gal!!! Lots of love from the Burton fam xxx

Donation by Dani Burton
Date: 19-01-2019


Good Luck

Donation by Deidre James
Date: 16-01-2019


Respect Chelsea, well done!

Donation by Jo Grosvenor
Date: 11-01-2019

Total raised online: £55
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